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The RC3 member highlighted this month is Safeguard Iowa Partnership!

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Community Served?

State of Iowa.

How and when was your partnership formed?

Formed in January 2007.

How many members are currently in your partnership?

437 public, private, nonprofit and association partners.

What three words would you use to describe your partnership?

1. Responsive

2. Integrity

3. Collaboration

What are the future goals for your partnership?

We have a comprehensive strategic plan encompassing three primary objectives: growth, services and funding.  The strategic goals are:

A. Growth: to increase Safeguard Iowa Partnership’s statewide engaging current partners and relationships.

B. Services: to ensure core services are defined, marketed and implemented.

C. Funding: to ensure sufficient and sustainable funding to fulfill the vision of Safeguard Iowa Partnership through maintaining dedicated staff to support daily business operations and core services.

How has your partnership advanced critical infrastructure protection in your community?

Through the annual training and exercises we have brought together public and private partners from across the state which has identified gaps in the processes and plans, filled gaps and issues with creative solutions and most importantly build a network of relationships between partners from different sectors and regions of the state.

What is one of the biggest challenges that you face as a public/private partnership?

We rely on the work of our partners including their participation in the programs which can be challenging during difficult fiscal times in communities as people are asked to do more with less.  As people change positions or move within a company it can be challenging to gain the continued support of the Partnership’s work.

Who is your representative to RC3?

Jami Haberl, Executive Director

How can RC3 members contact you?




Twitter: @safeguardiowa

Instagram: safeguardiowa

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