Hot Actions for Winter Weather

In the past few months and weeks many across the United States have felt frozen from the impact of severe winter storms and extreme cold. Just a few weeks ago, we heard many stories of those in the southern United States who had to deal with being stuck for hours in their car or without power due to extreme snow and icy conditions.

The importance of planning for severe weather is invaluable. In December 2013, we learned about James Glanton and Christine McIntee on, as they tackled winter weather conditions. This family survived in sub-zero temperatures for two day in the Nevada wilderness after their car rolled off the side of the road.  How did the family survive?  Here are 5 things that they did to survive the harsh conditions:

  • They told relatives where they were going. Build or update your family communication plan with several contacts you can notify in an emergency;
  • They did not leave to go find help.  It’s better to stick with your vehicle than going out on your own;
  • They were planning to play in the snow, so they were prepared for the elements. Include adequate clothing and blankets in your car to stay warm, especially if you will be traveling;
  • They improvised to stay warm by starting a fire outside the car, heating rocks and placing them inside the spare tire to keep everyone warm at night; and
  • They had food and water.  As part of an emergency supplies kit, recommends having a quantity of food and water to last at least 72 hours.

*From FEMA

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