InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance – Member Spotlight

Learn more about our friends over at the InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance as we feature them this month in our November Newsletter Member Spotlight.


Community served? 

All who work and/or live in the State of Minnesota

When was your partnership formed?

March 2000

How many members are currently in your partnership?

We have over 800 members representing all 16 critical infrastructure sectors, placing us in the top 10% of InfraGard chapters.

What three words would you use to describe your partnership?

Diverse, Committed, Involved.

What are the future goals for your partnership?

1. Further develop joint exercise capabilities, including our National Guard collaboration,

2. Enhance InfraGard’s Sector Chief program,

3. Continue to grow membership and membership input.

How has your partnership advanced critical infrastructure protection in your community?

Public/Private Coordination and Action Team (P2CAT); UMSA/Secure360; other speaking/outreach endeavors.

What is one of the biggest challenges that you face as a public/private partnership?

As an information-sharing partnership, we are challenged by the various laws and restrictions – including intelligence classifications and clearance levels required – that sometimes delay, dampen or dilute communications. That said, the InfraGard website offers a secure channel for members to use, and we continue to work on improving its form and content.

Who is your representative to the RC3?

Chris Terzich, Brian Isle and and Erica Wirtz

How can our members contact you?


Facebook: Click Here

Twitter: @MNInfraGard1

Linked-In: Click Here

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