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Thank you for joining us at the Regional Consortium Coordinating Council (RC3), 2013 Plenary in Los Angeles on Friday, June 7th.  From the feedback we’ve received, the program was a great success and your participation was critical to this achievement. Join the RC3 today to continue the discussion.

Thank you to our DHS partners who kicked of the day despite travel restrictions.  Our speakers shared important information about the threats and changing world around us:  Paul Douglas confirmed for us the urgency we all must have to understand the weather extremes we are facing in increasing numbers, Jarret Brachman shared a startling insight into the dynamics of extremist groups and Dr. Lucy Jones helped us to understand the complexities of our earthquake risk and the much-needed earthquake early warning system now in development.  Again, I also want to say thank you to Erica Wirtz, our Social Media Chair and the creative force behind our meeting.

The most important part of the day came near the end in the form of engaged discussion with you.  The room was filled with experts in fields as diverse as sociology, geology and business.  As you know, there is much more to do.  In connecting our efforts through the RC3, we can continue and accelerate our shared goals of resilience through partnership across this great nation.

Remember, there is no cost to join and you will not be bombarded with emails.  As one of only three councils called for in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, the RC3 offers briefings with the Department of Homeland Security before, during and after crises such as the Boston Marathon Bombing in April.  Working together, we also stand at a crossroads in what partnerships in America will look like in the 21st Century.

Whether you represent a partnership or can contribute as a Subject Matter Expert, take a couple of minutes to join us today.

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