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Paul Douglas“Paul Douglas is Founder and President of The Media Logic Group, based in Minneapolis. His company provides weather data, graphics and mobile API’s via Ham Weather, advanced forecasts for renewable energy companies with Smart Energy, automated severe storm alerts and daily briefings with Alerts Broadcaster, and daily video forecasts for new and legacy media from Broadcast Weather. Broadcast Weather is providing content for WeatherNation TV, a 24/7 linear channel on multiple platforms dedicated to meteorology and storm coverage across the USA. Singular Logic is new, patent-pending ad-decision technology that leverages multiple real-time metrics, including time, day, GPS location, weather and user-choice, to maximize advertising CPM, offering companies a new and powerful way to monetize their content.

Previous companies include “EarthWatch Communication”, which invented 3-D weather graphics for television stations worldwide – featured in Steve Spielberg’s movies “Jurassic Park” and “Twister”. His last venture was “Digital Cyclone”, which was the first company in the world to put an app on a smart phone in 2001. He sold that company to Garmin in 2007 to focus on his latest ventures.

Minnesota’s first Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, Douglas writes a daily print and online column for the Star Tribune. He’s on the CSRRT, The Climate Science Rapid Response Team, and a member of the board of the NRPE, The National Religious Partnership for the Environment. TV meteorologist, author and teacher, Douglas speaks to corporations about severe weather trends – and his entrepreneurial ride launching 9 start-up companies. Married to a professional architect for 28 years, Douglas has two sons: a musician, video editor and producer, and a Naval Academy graduate/aviator, currently based in Corpus Christi, Texas.”



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