The Regional Consortium Coordinating Council (RC3) was established in 2008 to bring together established regional entities into a unified forum for coordination with DHS and the established CISR (formerly CIKR) sector framework.

Members include a regional partnerships that are focused on critical infrastructure protection and regional resilience.  Please explore our interactive map to view regional partnerships:

Map of Regional Consortium Coordinating Council Members

RC3 Chair: Peter Ohtaki, California Resiliency Alliance

RC3 Vice Chair: Tom Moran, All Hazards Consortium

RC3 Social Media Chair and Membership Chair: Erica Wirtz, InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance

RC3 Cyber Working Group Chair: Douglas DePeppe, Cyber Resilience Institute

RC3 Executive Committee Members:

RC3 Member Organizations:

Alaska Partnership for Infrastructure Protection

All Hazards Consortium

American Logistics Aid Network

Association of Contingency Planners (Los Angeles Chapter)

Bay Area Center for Regional Disaster Resilience

California Resiliency Alliance

Charleston Resilience Network


Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership, Inc.

Cyber Resilience Institute

Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center

FS-ISAC, Business Resiliency Committee

InfraGard Los Angeles Members Alliance

InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance

Institute for Innovating Security and Resilience

National Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center

Pacific Northwest Economic Region


Safeguard Iowa Partnership

Silver Shield – Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

South Florida Disaster Resiliency Coalition

Utah Public Private Partnership Organization

Next Full Council Meeting
September 29, 2020
at 3:00pm (EDT)

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