Congratulations to RC3 Members – NIPP Challenge Selections

The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Challenge is an important next step in our partnership with DHS. We know many of our member organizations have new or innovative ideas for making near-term, high-impact improvements to critical infrastructure resilience, but the innovative aspects of these ideas often makes them a higher risk for potential funders. The NIPP Challenge offers our member organizations a chance to compete for the funding needed to kick start these projects.  The Challenge is unique in that it helps identify and allows funding for innovative ideas that can provide technologies and tools to the critical infrastructure community that are ready or nearly ready to use.

We are very pleased to report that four of our members submitted proposals that were selected for funding in 2016:

  • Bay Area Center for Regional Disaster Resilience – Toolbox to Enable Risk-Based, Cross-Sector Decision-Making for Regional Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience (Regional Consortium Coordinating Council Charter (RC3))
  • ChicagoFIRST – Secure Regional Coalition Web Portal (Financial SCC and RC3)
  • All Hazards Consortium – Building Common Regional Operating Picture for Disaster Resilience (RC3)
  • Cyber Resilience Institute – Cyber Market Development (RC3)

We look forward to learning from these and all of the NIPP Challenge initiatives. Please join us in congratulating them on their leadership, drive and innovation!

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