Cyber Working Group

The All-Hazards scope of RC3’s mission includes cyber resilience, and RC3 is engaged in enabling Public-Private Partnerships in the cyber domain to improve preparedness and resilience.  The RC3 role and functions are coordination, advocacy, and activities that support and promote cyber resilience at community and regional levels.  RC3 will also assist in coordination measures in the cyber domain that align with RC3’s core goals:

  • Promoting and fostering protection and resilience efforts
  • Developing a national policy framework for regional infrastructure protection, prevention, deterrence, response, recovery, and      longer-term restoration
  • Providing the foundation for regional cross-sector collaboration
  • Fostering the development of risk-based protection and mitigation measures to enable measurable progress towards robust security and disaster resilience
  • Enhancing the education and awareness of critical infrastructure interdependencies

The national approach to critical infrastructure protection is founded upon the Presidential Policy Directive – PPD-21, and its  implementing mechanisms.  Partnering, resilience building, information sharing and All-of-Society coordination are core components of this national approach.  RC3 is developing coordination mechanisms and programs to assist in the implementation of an All-of-Society cyber resilience strategy.

These efforts are being led by the Chair, RC3 Cyber Working Group.

Cyber Working Group Meetings: The Cyber Working Group meets every other Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. If you would like to attend these meetings, please contact or call 703-603-5247.

Next Membership Meeting
June 2016 MeetingJune 21st, 2016

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